Ages Served

Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)

Toddlers (12 months to 24 months)

The infant/ toddler group is made up of children between the ages of 6 weeks and 24 months. Activities are carefully planned to help stimulate their development. Parents are required to bring in formula, baby food, diapers, diapering supplies and extra clothes. Cribs, cots, linens and toys are furnished by Growing Footprints.


2’s (24 to 36 months)

The 2 year old group is made up of children between the ages of 24 to 36 months. The 2’s are encouraged to explore and begin working on socialization skills. They nap on cots provided by center.

Preschoolers (3 to 4 years)

An educational Pre-school program is offered to these children.

Pre-kindergarten (4 to 5 years)

Preparation for kindergarten and also a summer camp program.


  1. Absences (Part-time and full-time) because our programming and licensing regulations require us to engage staff based on the number of children enrolled, we cannot give tuition refunds for days your child is absent. No make-up days are permitted for absences due to illness or holidays.
  2. Holidays

We will be closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Full tuition is due for the weeks that include these holidays. New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve we will be closed at 4:00 pm.

  1. Vacations

Parents will be responsible for tuition payment for any vacation time taken. This helps to keep tuition costs down.

  1. Returned Checks

There will be a 25$ fee for all returned checks in addition to any charges made by your bank. Cash or Cashier’s check will be required as payment for a returned check. After two returned checks, our account will be put on a cash-only basis and will stay that way.

  1. Late Pick-up Charge

Hours: 6:30am to 6:00pm

A fee of 5$ will be assessed when child is picked up after 6:00pm. The overtime fee after that is $1 per minute. The overtime fees are payable to the staff person present at the time the child is picked up, paid in cash. Legal authorities will be contacted for children left one hour after closing time if parents have not contacted us prior.

  1. Tuition Rate Change

Because of inflation factors and increasing in the cost of goods and services, it may be necessary to revise fees. In this event of any revisions, parents will receive 30 days written notification.


Material Fees

Every September, each family will be assessed a material fee of $20 per child. This will be used to update equipment.

Every September and March:

Each child needs to bring in 1 box of Kleenex & 1 roll of paper towels